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"For the first time, an English course was useful for my work." (Maria Teresa Polico)

"These courses greatly improved my English language skills and strongly expanded my knowledge of trade union activities." (Juste Geciauskiene)

"I think that this course was very useful for my trade union work. It helped me feel more confident discussing trade union issues with colleagues." (Jouzas Neverauskas)

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Available Courses:

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Why study 'English for European Trade Unionists' online?

1: You will be able to talk about trade union issues with much more confidence! 

The better we can communicate about trade union issues, the stronger the trade union movement will be. This course covers a range of topics from trade union organisation and trade union roles to industrial action and employment relations. 

2: You can study in your own time!

The course lasts 6 months. Each month there is a new unit, which takes on average 6 hours to complete. This means that you can choose the best time for you to study the material.

3: You can practise both your speaking and writing skills and get detailed feedback from your tutor!

In addition to quizzes to which you get immediate feedback, the course also has writing and speaking assignments. The tutor gives you comprehensive feedback, helping you to improve your communication skills.

4: You can study a course which corresponds to your level of English!

We have a pre-intermediate level course and an intermediate to upper-intermediate level course. Take the placement test (see below) to see which level you are.

5: It is easy to enroll!

Just contact your training supervisor, or contact Gabriela Portela (gportela@etui.org) to register for the course. The next course starts on April 1st, 2017.

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