"Firstly, I want to thank all people who developed this course. Especially I am thankful to my teacher John. All the feedback was very useful and important for my English learning. I didn't experience any problems with the course.

I am sure the course was really useful for my trade union work. I found all units were helpful. And they are only little part of our union activity. I will definitely recommend this course to my colleagues."

Dmytro Stepanyu

"Through the Intermediate ETUI English Online Course I learned many new terms  considering Trade Union  vocabulary. I think I increased my knowledge and skills regarding TU English. It was exceptionally helpful and  I really enjoyed it".

Lilyana Laskova

"The training course was useful.
It's been helpful to know the technical terms related to the union.
Thanks to John, the teacher, for his availability and for his always fast answers."

Mario Adinolfi

"I find the course very useful, I better understand spoken English and my language is richer than before.

I don't  often use English in my union work, only sometimes, at the international meetings, and I'm sure I'll be able to understand much better."

Cinzia Ongaro

"Thank you for the excellent course!

It was the first time for me to study English online. From the very beginning I was very motivated, in particular, to learn the terminology you cannot find in Finnish-English dictionaries. I have a feeling that I'm now more confident with words and expressions.

I'm very happy I decided to take this course and will recommend it to my colleagues, too!"

Maarit Raut

"I definitely find this course useful. I started working in the union a few months ago, so the topics and vocabulary was totaly new for me in some cases I had to read about some issues in slovenia so  that I can do exercises in this course.

I think you did very good job with this course. Topics are up to date, and John was really good motivator."

Marus Strnisa

"I found this course very well done and usefull, both for trade union work and English language.

What I would like to say is that the teacher, John, is very kind and I found his feedback very useful!"

Bianca Marinari

"It has been a pleasure to be your student. I found the course very interesting and your work as a teacher has been outstanding."

Ana Vinas Apaolaza

"Thank you very much for this great course. I think that all units are most useful. I have learned to understand the situation of trade unions in the European countries. I have taken note the development of trade unions in the UK after `Thatcher Government´, but I hadn´t known all the different kinds of industrial action in the UK.

I have learned a lot of common causes of industrial action and I took a look at what is currently happening in Europe. This information is useful and important for my daily work as a secretary of a trade union in Germany. In this context section 3 of the last unit ("Exploitation and Social Dumping - What can Trade Unions do?") is very important, too. Therefore I know that the European trade unions have to work strongly together.

The structure of the course is excellent.

Thanks for all, I have learned so much!"

Walther Mann

"You are a very good teacher and your course is very interesting and useful.

I studied English to school when I was a boy and I never spoke it because I don't understood what people said.

For my trade union work I have had to study English and I am in this "mission impossible"  from about 18 months. I go to an English school in Rome two times' a week for only two hours, but your course is more useful than it."

Fabio Alfieri

"I found it useful for my trade union work, particularly, the units 4, 5 and 6, about kinds of employment contracts, dismissal and redundancy, wages, negotiations and the Language of meetings." 

Mauro Soldini

"I'm more confident now when speaking English. The vocabulary was my main interest but I'm very happy about the grammar parts too. All the units are useful."

Anne Hintsanen

"It certainly was very useful for me, I have learned many words and new things."

Miryam Leticia Fuentes.

"I found it very useful for my trade union work. All units were useful for me. I improved my skills with vocabulary, listening, numbers, dates, spelling, speaking, and grammar."

Lina Klimaviciene

"I think the course is very useful for my trade union work, because I learned vocabulary and terms i didn't know from school. The grammar repetition was also very helpful. I’m looking forward to practising my new skills."

Johanna Anker

"I think that the course is and will be very useful for my trade union work because I learn a lot of technical terms and key words to use speaking about union's matters."

Valentina Italiano

"I found this course very well done and usefull, both for trade unionwork and English language.

What I would like to say is that the teacher, John, is very kind and I found his feedback very useful!!!"

Bianca Marinari

"I'm grateful to you because the course has been very useful, not only for my trade union work.

With your lessons I learned how the labour world in Europe is and how it can be developed."

Sabine Porcelluzzi

"I think this will be useful for my work in the union. Many companies have chosen English as the main working language - so yes of course this will be useful. All the units were good and I think it is important to have this special structure."

Anja Neumann-Achtelk

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